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            STEM For Girls       

We are supporting young girls in enhancing their agency as first generation learners to break boundaries of accessing technology and have 21st century skills and aspire to have careers in STEM and coding through programmes in the States of Delhi, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand & Odisha. Overall in the last decade, we have worked with over 500 public schools while engaging over 400,000 students; primarily girls. Some of our initiatives in education include:

  • In partnership with Quest Alliance & IBM, we have imparted life-skill integrated coding curriculum to over 10,000 girls from Government Schools in Delhi & Odisha over the past 4 years. 

  • In partnership with Akamai Foundation, we are currently working with 3,000 girls in schools and communities in Rajasthan who are learning about STEM careers, experiencing coding and developing 21st century skills.

  • With support from L’oreal Fund for Women, we are working with 3,000 girls across 20 public schools in Odisha and supporting them in gaining 21st century skills as well as digital skills and STEM careers.

  • Leveraging support from Malala Fund, we are equipping 3,000 girls from marginalized communities in Bihar to build aspirations and have a better ecosystem to continue their education beyond high schools, learn STEM skills and pathways in STEM careers.

      Our Approach      

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Graphical Model of our Engagement


Our STEM program comprises several components included below, designed to address barriers hindering girls' access to STEM education in economically backward communities:


Youth-led engagement

Local youth  are selected, mentored & trained to lead the program activities in schools & communities. As these youth facilitators understand the local challenges, contexts well and already have a connection with the community stakeholders, there's an intrinsic trust that helps in better outcomes of the program.

Youth Resource Center (YRC) engagement

As a vehicle for community driven youth engagement, YRCs act central to the functioning of community-based interaction with girls, as both a physical location for programs and training and a safe-space for youth from the community to interact and socialize. We have an established YRCs with the collaboration of a grassroot partners that are leveraged towards deeper interaction and follow-up sessions with girls on STEM. Moreover, 'Role model' interactions, observing important days, community campaigns on STEM and overall girl education, CSO and other key stakeholders interaction among other important activities of the program.YRCs are managed by Youth Facilitators who anchor all aspects of day to day administration as well as leading programs for the community.

Equipped with computers, internet, digital library and conducive learning and information environment, the physical spaces provided by the YRCs ideally address the information and digital inequalities for young people in informal settlements, while giving access to safe space for peer-to-peer engagement with close involvement of community members.

Curriculum Transaction

The program leverages on the comprehensive STEM and complementary curriculum tailored to the needs of adolescent girls in marginalized contexts of Bangalore. The curriculum has been designed to promote hands-on learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

STEM Clubs

 We also establish STEM clubs, STEM labs in schools that provide girls with opportunities, innovative pathways to engage in hands-on activities & experiments in STEM fields.


Our program provides mentors to the girls to offer guidance & support as they navigate their STEM education & careers beyond schools. These mentors are  drawn from local communities as well as from among the employees of funding partners who will serve as role models for the girls. The project also aims to connect girls with female STEM professionals. 

Awareness Campaigns

We also conduct awareness campaigns targeting parents, guardians, & community leaders to promote the importance of STEM education for girls. The campaigns aim to break down cultural & social barriers that hinder girls' access to STEM education. The awareness campaigns are led by our students attending the STEM curriculum and hence they have the opportunity to practice their leadership skills.

Increasing accountability of ecosystem stakeholders

We also establish periodic engagement with relevant governmental entities from a point of accountability, as well as relevant non-governmental entities from a point of collaboration throughout the program.

A Video Snapshot of one of our STEM Education Program in Alwar, Rajasthan

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