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My Education My Rights

"My Education My Rights," a groundbreaking project situated in the heart of Munger district, Bihar, India. As we navigate the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to the education and empowerment of girls remains unwavering. With a multifaceted approach, our project endeavors to address the diverse challenges hindering girls' access to education and their overall educational experience. Our primary objectives encompass a spectrum of initiatives aimed at not only enrolling girls back into schools but also nurturing their confidence, improving the quality of education they receive, fostering gender equity, and advocating for greater accountability within the education system.

Enhancing Access:

We strive to ensure every girl has the opportunity to receive an education by re-enrolling girls in schools post COVID-19, thus breaking barriers to education access.

Boosting Confidence and

Through a specialized personal advancement curriculum tailored for adolescent girls (ages 10-17), we aim to enhance their confidence and self-belief. Additionally, we introduce a 21st-century skills curriculum to equip them for success in an evolving world.

Improving Educational Experience

Quality education is paramount. We invest in teachers and collaborate with the education department to enhance infrastructure, ensuring girls receive a qualitative educational experience.

Promoting Gender Equity

Engaging boys and men is crucial in fostering gender equitable norms. By creating enabling conditions for girls' success, we aim to break down barriers and promote equality in education.

Fostering Accountability

We advocate for accountability in schools and decision-making processes by advocating for student representation in committees. This includes implementing provisions of the Right to Education Act to monitor progress and ensure every child's rights are upheld.

Impact Video Story from the Field

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