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Meaningful Youth Engagement @ A Game of Choice, Not Chance™

 Through Go Nisha Go, we are running online and offline campaigns with and for young people to create and enable the power of  choices through the life of Nisha across Delhi, Bihar and Rajasthan.

Our Approach

We are using a phased approach for the implementation of Go Nisha Go - A Game of Choice, Not Chance. The approach is designed to keep the central focus on meaningful engagement of young people by supporting them to be leaders, collaborators and beneficiaries of the project during its different phases. We are engaging 15 young leaders to lead the meaningful youth engagement in Game of Choice, Not chance. The engagement uses the following components.


FIND: Identify and engage young people, in all their diversity, as participants and in the launch of the game.


EQUIP: Provide training to build youth with knowledge, skills, and capabilities 

ENABLE: Foster supportive environments that allow young people to exercise their agency and become genuine contributors to the project 


CONNECT: Create both pipelines and pathways for young participants to enter the Game of Choice design cycle, as well as engage in repeated cycles in order to age “up” rather than age “out” of the field; 


TRACK: Develop and implement monitoring and evaluation strategies that document the results of youth participation at different levels. 

The implementation plan in itself accounts for both online and offline activities with a campaign plan at its core. We are engaging with 300 Youth directly in 3 states of Bihar, Delhi and Rajasthan and further reaching to around 10,000 young people through indirect reach. The project is driven and led by staff who have rich experience of Meaningful Youth Engagement and have been recognized globally for their contributions.

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